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From business owner to property agent – and happy about it

KUALA LUMPUR (June 22): Career changes are never easy and it can be prompted by a myriad of reasons.
One case in point is CID Realtors Sdn Bhd real estate negotiator Daniya Subramaniam, 42. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts in Marketing from the UK, she started off in the advertising industry.
And like most of the world, Daniya’s business was not spared from the Covid-19 impact.
“Previously, I was running my own advertising agency. It was during the pandemic that marketing expenditure took a beating in most organisations and clients were very cautious with their spending,” recounted Daniya.
“As a result, I had to look into other industries and the real estate business ticked all the boxes for me,” said the Ipoh native.
“You could say it was a leap of faith and I am happy to have done it.”
Nevertheless, Daniya also admitted the real estate industry had always intrigued her: “I remember those days I witnessed a few property presentations and I was impressed.
“However, I opted to start my career in the advertising industry. It was fast paced, challenging and with plenty of client engagement.”  

The experience she had gained made the transition into the real estate business easier, and there are no regrets on her initial career choice. “I am glad I took a longer path.”
Qualifications – not difficult but necessary
While Daniya stepped into the real estate industry with a couple of degrees under her belt, does that mean certain academic prerequisites are necessary?
“I think all types of formal education help. For me, my tertiary studies have helped in understanding the business, negotiations, research, presentations, and of course, my personal development.”
That said, there are of course some qualifications that have to be obtained to become a real estate negotiator.
“It is not too difficult but it has its procedures. When I first decided to become a negotiator, I had to join an agency and then was enrolled into a programme. Once that is completed, we are registered as real estate negotiators with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEAP),” she elaborated.
Challenges in the industry
“Still, as in any industry, there are challenges. The [industry’s] self-regulation could be a little better. While honesty and work ethics should be paramount as negotiators, I admit it is difficult [for all of us] as the industry itself is very competitive,” Daniya revealed.
There is also the need to deal with all sorts of people in her line of work.
“I once received a call from a potential buyer who said he was seriously looking for a property. He said he was a cash buyer needing to urgently secure a purchase. He was an elderly man who went on talking about politics and politicians for more than two hours. He called again a few days later, repeating the same line of conversation. Out of courtesy I indulged him. This happened a few times.”
And was a deal concluded?
“Finally, a family member of his called to explain that his dad was mentally ill and thanked me for not being harsh or rude to him. I was just glad I didn’t hang up on him,” Daniya shared.

Daniya also added that women negotiators should take be extra cautious. “I would strongly advise to not go for viewing alone if you feel that it is not a safe appointment. Please also verify the details of your clients and potential buyers, choose to have appointments during the day and always, always, inform someone of your whereabouts.”
Strong support from CID Realtors
As for being with CID Realtors, Daniya said there is diversity in the company – a good mix – and strong support from the team leaders and management. Notably, agents are able to directly be in contact with the principal of the company. 
“It’s not often you find a company that has very little red tape.”
She also said that the team leaders and trainers are an inspiration to her: “In addition to giving me motivation, they are always available to offer assistance”. 
Daniya is also motivated by the “joy and accomplishment in helping clients find their dream houses. Homebuying is a proud moment and I get to be a part of that. I too help the sellers achieve the best possible outcome from their investments.”
On the whole, being a real estate negotiator is “fun but a lot of work. You have to be persistent, be a quick learner and professional in your approach. The rest will come with experience”.
And has EdgeProp helped in her work?
“I am proud to say that almost all my successful dealings have come through EdgeProp. I am one of your biggest supporters!” she enthused.

Source: EdgeProp.my

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