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Bandar Baru Kuantan embodies contemporary, dynamic living

The Kota Sultan Ahmad Shah grand main entrance.

The Kota Sultan Ahmad Shah grand main entrance.

KotaSAS to rejuvenate Pahang as its bold, new administrative capital

With the high-flying goal of receiving the title of a high-income nation by the year 2025, Malaysia sees an increased focus on new infrastructure, development and standards of living nationwide. Distinctly, there is a need for townships to incorporate new and developing changes in the lifestyle of their population, from the cautiousness of the pandemic to the emerging focus on work-life balance.

KotaSAS Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Tanah Makmur Berhad, aims to do just that with its integrated township, KotaSAS.

“With 2,165 acres of KotaSAS land bank, we aspire to provide the best quality of residential and commercial properties to vision in modernising Kuantan by setting this township as the new administrative capital for Pahang,” Tanah Makmur group chief executive officer Datuk Shahrul Nizam Abdul Aziz said.

As a sustainable and self-sustaining township, KotaSAS was born from the desire of its developer to construct a modern visage for Kuantan. Over the course of the 12 years, the township’s development only continued to progress, offering state-of-the-art facilities for the enjoyment of its residents. 

Enhancing and revitalising the community, the township took on the affectionate title of Bandar Baru Kuantan. The town has over 2,783 completed units and is currently populated by 15,000 residents.

Through the early stages of design, facilities and utilities were meticulously planned for optimal convenience and accessibility. Having analysed the needs of its population, these features were allocated to specific areas for practicality, with a separation between different districts such as education institutions, religious facilities, administrative and commercial centres, transportation and many more.  

For its support in attracting partners and brands, KotaSAS thanked the state government of Pahang, the Investment Team of Perbadanan Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Pahang (“PSK”) and local authorities.

The central business district is planned with iconic state and administrative buildings, mosques, retail malls and office suites.

The central business district is planned with iconic state and administrative buildings, mosques, retail malls and office suites.

Inclusive community

The residential aspect of the township is under the purview of KotaSAS’ development partner, Wawasan Intact Properties (Pahang) Sdn Bhd, offering a wide variety of well-crafted units.

These units come in different residential phases, inclusive of linked homes, duplexes, semi-detached and bungalows. The starting price for these units differs, however, KotaSAS strives to provide housing for all regardless of background or income group. The units were built to suit the preference of KotaSAS residents, whether these are first-time homeowners, investors or families.

“As the economy is recovering, we remain cautiously optimistic about the prospect of property development in Kuantan. Despite a sharp increase in building material and labour costs, KotaSAS continues to focus on value, innovation and delivery/construction speed to help our buyers mitigate higher cost,” Shahrul said.

KotaSAS would continue to emphasize on capital appreciation for buyers, acting as a purveyor of innovative design and multi-generational homes,

With an emphasis on fostering a diverse residential community, the township offers a truly healthy and holistic lifestyle, cultivating strong neighbourhood bonds in all manner of living, playing and working.

Further encouraged by the masterful placement of KotaSAS amenities, residents will find everything they need at their fingertips in commercial areas such as the central business district.

The district, which spans 280 acres, has grown rapidly due to the presence of iconic state and administrative buildings, mosques, retail malls, and office suites. Acting as catalysts to strong economic activity within the region, some of the most notable landmarks in the district include the Sultan Ahmad Shah Administrative Centre (PPSAS), Bandaraya Mosque and the Pahang Islamic Centre Complex.

As a community centre, Tasek Commercial Centre features a recreational lake, jogging track, kids’ playground and event space that has full security coverage and internet connectivity. Being the first of its kind in Pahang, the operating philosophy of Tasek is to house the best of Pahang foods under one roof, as well as prioritising local entrepreneurs in lifestyle retail through a community-first approach.  

The hub welcomes more than 1,500 visitors daily, offering green areas for leisure and health-related activities.   

“As part of our efforts for community enrichment and engagement programme, KotaSAS has planned many events in Tasek throughout the year, for example, community celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Meh, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, and other tourism-centric programs such as concerts, aurora laser show, cultural dances and more,” Shahrul said.

The neighbourhood also has a security system which includes a police station for the safety of its residents. 

Taking on the role of more than just a developer, KotaSAS has also allocated areas for educational institutions, spanning primary and secondary schools. Families will find their needs met with the township’s comprehensive accessibility. 

As a transit-oriented development, the township is surrounding Kuantan’s main East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) station, the KotaSAS Sentral station. From Port Klang on the west coast, the railway runs through KotaSAS and northwards to Kota Bahru, carrying passengers and freight from west to east with ease.

“We anticipate the ECRL to begin operations by 2027, where we welcome a new generation of dynamic growth in KotaSAS and Kuantan,” Shahrul said.

A second state mosque is currently under construction in close proximity to the Sultan Ahmad Shah Administrative Centre for the ease of its Muslim residents.

Looking future-forward

The building would not only comprise the mosque itself but will also be widely utilised as an administrative complex governed by the Pahang Council of Islamic Religion and Malay Customs (MUIP).

“As the economy is recovering, we remain cautiously optimistic about the development of KotaSAS. Moving forward, we aim to focus on commercial development which comprises a shopping mall, office tower, private hospital, hotel, highrise residence and other commercial components to drive KotaSAS as a comprehensive township,” Shahrul said.

KotaSAS welcomes potential investors and interested retail owners to set its footprints in the township. 

As the development takes on new life, it continues to grow into the new administrative capital of Pahang. With the support of its joint venture partners and stakeholders, the development embodies a sustainable township which strides ahead with a clear vision to elevate the state and accelerate the nation’s progress for the next generation.

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Source: StarProperty.my

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