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Cornerstone Xstate invests in technology to sharpen agents’ expertise

KUALA LUMPUR (June 28): One cannot escape “technology” these days. From individuals to companies and countries, big and small, almost all are leveraging it to forge ahead. Traditional businesses that resist the advancement or are slow to catch up will find themselves left behind the competition.
Real estate agency Cornerstone Xstate knows this very well and is determined to stay ahead, if its managing director (MD), Wong Yau Long has anything to do with it.
“We have invested in technology to increase the agents’ efficiency and effectiveness,” Wong said in an interview with EdgeProp.my.
“There is our Cornerstone Xstate digital learning platform, what we dub Cornerstone University, that enables all agents at all levels, beginners to leaders, to access learning any time,” he explained.
As a result, agents find their productivity enhanced.
“With technology helping them, our agents receive the needed training to become professionals in the products [they are selling], are updated with and understand market trends, and sharpen their expertise.
“This upgrade of their knowledge and skills will drive them further in the business of real estate. They are motivated with the mission to enrich the lives of our clients as they will duly advise customers on how to select their properties and find their dream homes,” said Wong.
Planning to go regional
Cornerstone Xstate had its beginnings back in 2008, with only 15 agents. Wong took the helm as MD in 2015, and today it boasts 200 agents. 
While its head office is in Kuala Lumpur, it also has satellite offices in Puchong Utama, Selangor and Miri, Sawarak.
“Initially we focused on subsales. Subsequently, we expanded to doing projects sales.
“We want to become a regional player. Hence we continue to develop our own system to equip our agents with the right tools,” said Wong.
Along the years, Cornerstone Xstate has been recognised for its efforts, winning National Real Estate Awards (from MIEA) for Rookie REN (Real Estate Negotiator), State REN, Million Dollar Real Estate Roof Top Achiever, Residential Real Estate Firm, and Most Innovative Marketing Idea at both state and national levels.
It also won the ARENA (Asean Real Estate National Award) Best Real Estate Marketing Idea
2017 and Luxury Lifestyle Award (Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Malaysia) 2022.
“We have plans to become a regional player and establish our presence in South East Asia. We have charted our strategy for the next five years to go for listing and we are now strengthening our fundamentals,” Wong revealed.
Serving all walks of life
Wong is also proud to say that Cornerstone Xstate serves all strata of society. “Our customers are from a wide range and we do not select customers.
“Rather, we specialise in specific areas. Different teams have different focus areas. For example, at Damansara Heights, we would be serving the M40 to T20. Our residential projects cover the RM300,000 to RM500,000 range as well as the RM500,000 to RM1 million range, while some higher-end bungalows and mansions in selected areas could range from RM3 million to RM10 million.”
Sharing its recipe for success, Wong said: “We have the mindset to target to do better each day. This is our principle. We believe in 1% improvement every day. Continuous learning is our culture in Cornerstone Xstate. It starts from me, the MD, actively attending entrepreneurship courses at international levels and channelling the knowledge to the agents.
“We also think about how to differentiate ourselves in the way we support our agents to be successful, and how we can enable every leader to expand their growth.  We prepare the platform for our agents to continuously grow and elevate their skills.”
Leveraging EdgeProp’s digital tools
Cornerstone Xstate recently signed a collaboration with EdgeProp, enabling the agency to take advantage of the latter’s digital platform’s current capabilities and emerging innovations. 
“EdgeProp is gaining more prominence in the market. And we have had many clients coming from EdgeProp.
“Our agents can leverage the tools and data analysis provided by EdgeProp to give our customers more value, hence increasing their revenue and customers’ satisfaction.”
EdgeProp business development head Nimalen Parimalam, who represented EdgeProp in the signing of the memorandum of understanding, is very happy about working with the real estate company.
“Cornerstone Xstate is a superb real estate outfit and I am glad EdgeProp is now able to play a role in helping it reach its goals.
“Like what Wong said, our tools and data analysis will be a great asset for agents of Cornerstone Xstate,” he said.

Source: EdgeProp.my

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